October 4th, 1994
Polls tell us that Americans increasingly distrust government. In 1964, more than three out of four Americans (76%) answered "Always or most of the time" to the question: "... read more
September 20th, 1994
Third in a three-part series.  Unless it is knocked off the agenda by the Haiti misadventure, Congress may try to pass a massive telecommunications "reform" package before... read more
September 13th, 1994
Second in a three-part series.  The Labor Day recess is over. Congress is facing a huge backlog of unfinished work. Many legislative initiatives -- health care, the GATT... read more
August 23rd, 1994
Why are Americans so cynical about Congress? Just examine the so called crime bill, passed by the House of Representatives this weekend when 46 Republicans joined House... read more
August 16th, 1994
As President Clinton continues to sink in the polls, pro-Clinton and pro-activist government pundits are beginning to blame the American people for Clinton's political... read more
August 9th, 1994
While the president's people complain that his accomplishments are not appreciated by the American people, there may be something larger that explains Clinton's problems with... read more
June 28th, 1994
As we celebrate today the 25th anniversary of America's success in landing men on the moon, it's worth noting that 1994 is a year awash in milestone anniversaries.  Last... read more
June 21st, 1994
WASHINGTON -- By a score of 1-0, Norway upset Mexico on Sunday in the first game of the World Cup played at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium. The festive opening ceremonies... read more
June 14th, 1994
TOLEDO, Ohio -- I spent a couple of days this past weekend here in the heart of the Rust Belt. I visited the University of Toledo, where I had been invited to give the... read more
June 7th, 1994
Many of the youngest members of the twenty-something generation are graduating this month in commencement ceremonies all over America.  But this year, something is different... read more
April 19th, 1994
Michael Fay is learning that actions have consequences.  Fay is the 18 year-old kid from Ohio who was sentenced to six whacks of a cane on his butt as punishment for defacing... read more
April 5th, 1994
With the stock market down more than 300 points and interest rates rising for the first time in years, pundits are focused on short-term jitters in a nervous stock market. ... read more
March 29th, 1994
LOS ANGELES -- Eastern media love to hate California: "The Promised Land now seems like the Valley of the Damned," opined U.S. News & World Report in the wake of recent... read more
March 8th, 1994
Denver International Airport is suddenly national news. It's late opening. At $3 billion and counting, it's over budget. The high-tech baggage system isn't working. Surface... read more
March 1st, 1994
The much ballyhooed merger between Bell Atlantic and cable TV giant Tele-Communications, Inc. aborted last week. Primary reason: A decision by the Federal Communications... read more
February 22nd, 1994
The character of the post-Cold War world is the subject of a sobering, doomsday cover story by editor Richard Kaplan in the February issue of The Atlantic Monthly.  Kaplan... read more
February 15th, 1994
The Clinton plan for healthcare reform is dead. The coup d'grace was administered by Robert Reischauer, economist and chief of the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. ... read more
February 8th, 1994
Dallas--More than a thousand people--from engineers to policy wonks--are assembled here to participate in the Western Communications Forum, an annual event to assess... read more
February 1st, 1994
Remember when a "joint" was a beer hall, "hash" was the dinner just before payday, "switch hitter" was a guy who could bat left or right-handed, and "crack" was the space... read more
January 18th, 1994
Assessments of President Clinton's first year are all over the place. Liberal media savants -- from commentator Lars-Erik Nelson to New Yorker editor Sidney Blumenthal --... read more




It’s better to wear out than rust out.”  That is the message of Reboot!  While American culture glamorizes the “Golden Years” of endless leisure and amusement, Phil Burgess rejects retirement, as he makes the case for returning to work in the post-career years, a time he calls later life.

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