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Americana / Personal Stories

Family tales tell us who we are

Thanksgiving time is here again. Thanksgiving is important because, along with Christmas, it's a holiday when families come together. That's important because family gatherings are a time when people tell stories, family stories, morality tales that give young people cues about right and wrong, and about struggles where there are winners and losers. 

Despite crises, Mexico has hope

MEXICO CITY -- This is my first visit to Mexico since last December's economic crisis, marked by the collapse of the peso. At first glance, everything seems the same: Traffic jams, smog, parks and plazas jammed with young people, and families celebrating the start of Easter week; young boys crowding public baseball fields and basketball courts and people everywhere hustling, working hard and hunkering down. 

Let's take walk on this strike

The botched effort of the Clinton administration to intervene in the baseball strike is another example of the intrusive and overbearing culture of Washington -- and another reason why this culture must be broken if America is to reach its full potential. 

Milestones mark where man has gone and has yet to go

As we celebrate today the 25th anniversary of America's success in landing men on the moon, it's worth noting that 1994 is a year awash in milestone anniversaries. 

Last month, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of D-day (June 6, 1944), which stopped Hitler's attempt to take over Europe. 

Two months ago, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision in Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education (May 17, 1954), which stopped state-sanctioned racial segregation of our schools. 




It’s better to wear out than rust out.”  That is the message of Reboot!  While American culture glamorizes the “Golden Years” of endless leisure and amusement, Phil Burgess rejects retirement, as he makes the case for returning to work in the post-career years, a time he calls later life.

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