American Politics

American Politics

President's vision deserves consideration

The state of the union was an especially noteworty event this year. 

First, George Bush became the sixth president in this century to stand before the Congress as commander-in-chief of a nation at war. 

We need leaders with backbone

Fickle polls. A panicky Congress. Here we go again. 

Polls released this week show approval of President Bush's conduct in the Mideast crisis dropping more than 30 points - from 82% to 51% approval rating since the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. 

As every pollster knows, public opinion is most likely to change dramatically on issues that people know the least about, and particularly in foreign affairs a finding firmly established more than 25 years ago in Hadley Cantril'sHow Nations See Each Other

Peace dividend can pay U.S. debt

The vitality of the pro-democracy movements in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union is causing military and civilian intelligence agencies on both sides of the Atlantic to overhaul their estimates of the Soviet threat. Many think diminished threats to American national security should be reflected in the nation's spending priorities. 

Estimates of the size of the peace dividend vary from $5.7 billion a year in President Bush's proposed budget to former defense secretary Robert McNamara's estimate of $150 billion a year. 




It’s better to wear out than rust out.”  That is the message of Reboot!  While American culture glamorizes the “Golden Years” of endless leisure and amusement, Phil Burgess rejects retirement, as he makes the case for returning to work in the post-career years, a time he calls later life.

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